Raw Luxe Handmade Designer Jewelry

Raw Luxe Jewelry is handmade designer jewelry that combines the duality of raw imperfect metals formed into edgy, luxurious, one of a kind pieces. Each one off piece is created by Raivon Lee to be modern, effortlessly minimalistic, yet stylish and unique from all others.

Raw Luxe Jewelry by Raivon Lee features the beauty of natural, rough metal and gemstone materials hammered, stamped, textured, bent and distressed to show off earthy, bohemian style at heirloom quality. The contrast between the diamond and the rough is what makes that gem stand out.  This is a departure from mass produced, cheap jewelry.  Lines of construction are not hidden because every mark is a clue to structure and history.  The combination of polish and raw texture gives silver, copper, gold, gemstone and pearl Raw Luxe Jewelry unique appearance and wear ability.

Raw Luxe jewelry is designed and handmade by Raivon Lee in her Midtown, Atlanta studio.  New jewelry lines are created periodically, sold locally and online.  Necklaces, rings, bracelets, earrings and pendants from current jewelry lines and some past lines are available in the online jewelry store.  Learn the inspiration behind the jewelry collections in the blog. 

Independent Jewelry Designer, Raivon Lee Launching New Collections November 2011

Motivation for the new jewelry lines involves friendships, struggles and God.  These new lines will include some of the following among its inspirational jewelry.

  • silver jewelry
  • gold jewelry
  • handmade jewelry
  • premier jewelry
  • sterling silver jewelry
  • fine jewelry
  • Christian jewelry

Hammered Metal Jewelry

There’s something about hammered copper and silver, the way its many facets catch the light, but when you look closely, it has that Earthen forged look from being beaten by a hammer. Each little dent in Raw Luxe Jewelry came from a precisely planned (by God) thrust from the hammer in Raivon’s hand.